Preview Future Balances, Expenses & Cashflow
Preview your future
Next Year
Forecast estimates your future spending, income and account balances based on your past spending, upcoming transactions, reminders and budgets. This feature is extremely useful for planning for near-term goals and making sure you have sufficient funds in the right accounts.
Here are some examples where Forecast can be a life saver:
  • Plan for large upcoming expenses such as wedding, or a vacation.
  • Avoid spending over your credit card limit.
  • Foresee when your account balance drops below a particular limit.
  • Prevent unnecessary overdraft and minimum balance fees.
Balance Alerts
Receive alerts for future situations ahead of time, so you can act before a bad situation occurs.
For example, Buxfer can alert you today if your checking account balance is expected to drop below zero next week, so you can transfer money and avoid bounced checks or overdraft fees.
You can act right now, before the problem happens. No stress, no late fees!
How it works
Forecast uses many different sources of data to estimate your future cashflow as accurately as possible. Some examples include:
  • Pending and future-dated transactions
  • Reminders
  • Budgets
  • APY / Interest rate for savings accounts