Understand where your money goes
Understand where your money goes
Buxfer can automatically tag your transactions based on merchant, location and other transaction metadata.
However, we know that machines aren't quite as smart as you (yet!), and automatic tagging can sometimes lead to wildly inaccurate results. That's why we support manual tagging and let you automate your own tagging with custom Rules.
We know it's very important that you get your transactions categorized exactly the way you like, and Buxfer will let you do exactly that. You can use the effortless, automatic (but possibly inaccurate) tagging, and setup Rules to automate tagging where the machine is not good enough.
Powerful, flexible categorization
Our categorization system is powerful and flexible, yet easy to use, so you can have complete control over how your transactions are categorized. Some of our pioneering features include:
  • Use free-form tags, instead of inflexible categories.
  • Attach multiple tags to the same transaction.
  • Create your own tagging structure, by nesting sub-tags withing larger tags.
  • Setup Rules for quick, automatic and accurate tagging.
Visual tools for deep insights
  • Top Movers automatically shows the categories which have the largest change in spending (or income) compared to the previous period.
  • Timeline visually compares your spending (or income) with that of the previous period, so you can easily identify any deviations from your usual habits.