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Forecast estimates your future income and expenses based on your past spending, upcoming transactions, reminders and budgets.
Forecast help you foresee when your account balance drops below a particular limit. This can help you prevent overdraft and minimum balance fees, or foresee whether you are going to overshoot the limit on your credit card. If you need to plan for a big upcoming expense (e.g., marriage, iPhone purchase), you can plan the appropriate time for making that expense based on your forecast.
The following factors are considered while projecting your account balances:
  • Pending and future-dated transactions
  • Reminders
  • Budgets (if you have a budget of $200 per month for Food, you will see a expense forecast of $200 per month on Food.)
  • APY / Interest rate on savings accounts
How should I use budgets and reminders for an accurate Forecast?
Forecast makes uses of many datasources, including both budgets and reminders. What you should use depends on your preference and the nature of the transaction.
Below is what we recommend, but feel free to do it the way that works best for you:
  • Use reminders for repeating, obligatory expenses that are approximately the same amount every period (e.g. utility bills, rent).
  • Use budgets for flexible, discretionary categories (e.g., eating out, grocery, shopping).
How does Forecast account for both budgets and reminders? Are they double counted?
Forecast is smart enough to reconcile reminders and budgets, so that neither of them get double counted or left out.
To ensure reminders are not double counted, please add the appropriate tag to the reminder. Reminders with tags are counted as part of the associated budget, and will not bet double counted.
For example, if you have a budget of 200/week for "Food", and a reminder for 50/week tagged as "Food".
Then your Forecast would include the following transactions:
  • 50 / week for the reminder.
  • 150 / week for what's leftover in the "Food" budget.
How does Forecast estimate the interest on my savings accounts?
Forecast can estimate the monthly interest on your savings accounts based on the interest rate / APY for the account. Interest rate / APY can either be gathered during sync, or be manually entered by editing the account.