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What format should I use for reporting expenses via email or SMS?
  • Report an expense or income or transfer
    <description> [+]<amount> [tags:<tags>] [acct:<account>] [from:<account>] [to:<account>] [date:<date>] [status:<status>] [memo:<memo>]
    coffee 5.45 tags:drinks,coffee acct:amex
    Expense: You spent $5.45 on coffee from your 'Amex' account and want to attach the tags 'drinks' and 'coffee' to it
    Pay check +6952.32 status:pending
    Income: You got a pay check of $6952.32. The check is yet to clear ... but yay!
    ATM withdrawal 200 from:BoA Checking to:Cash
    Transfer: You withdrew $200 from a Bank of America ATM into your wallet
  • Report an IOU
    <description> <amount> [<payer>] (with:<participants> OR for:<participant>) [tags:<tags>] [acct:<account>] [date:<date>] [status:<status>]
    rent 1500 with:house
    Group transaction: You paid the house rent, which is to be equally shared with ALL members of the group house
    Camping equipment 309.99 with:joe mary
    Equal split with friends: You, Joe and Mary equally shared camping gear worth $309.99
    lunch 45.21 with:me 5 henry john nancy 10
    Unequal split with friends: You, Henry, John and Nancy shared a lunch bill for $45.21. Your share was $5, Nancy's share was $10, while the rest was equally split between Henry and John
    Electricity bill 45.76 with:tim tags:utilities
    Transaction with tags: You shared an electric bill of $45.76 with Tim, and want to tag it as 'utilities'
  • Balance query
    BAL [<account | budget | contact | group>]
    Net Balance: Get your overall account balance
    BAL Checking
    Balance for an account: Get balance for your account named 'Checking'
    BAL joe
    Balance with a friend: Get your overall balance with Joe
    BAL house
    Balance with a group: Get balances for members within your 'house' group
    BAL food-n-drinks
    Balance for a budget: Get your balance for budget 'food-n-drinks'
  • Help
    H [<POST | BAL>]
    Help: Get help on the syntax to use
    H POST
    Transactions: Get help with reporting transactions
    H BAL
    Balance: Get help with querying balances
TIP: You can send report multiple expenses in a single message by typing each on a separate line, or separating them with a semi-colon (;)