What is your cancellation and refund policy?
Our policy is: If you are not happy with our product, we do not want your money. We make it very easy to cancel your membership at any time and get a refund for the remaining portion of your membership.
To cancel your membership and get a refund for the remaining amount, please follow these steps:
  • Click your email near the bottom right of the page, then click Settings, then click Membership.
  • Click 'Cancel Membership' and follow the instructions.
This will downgrade your membership immediately and issue a refund for the remainder of your membership (if any). After the downgrade, some of your data may be not visible to you. If you want to access it, please upgrade back to your original plan.
Any cancellations within the first month always get a full refund. For subsequent cancellations, we will refund on a pro-rata basis.